Graduate Admissions and Funding Opportunities

Applicants for graduate work in computer science must apply for admission to UA’s Graduate School. Please refer to Section 4.4 of the Graduate Catalog for specific admission requirements.

General Information

You can obtain further information and begin your application for the University of Alabama at We cannot evaluate candidates until we receive their application.

Further details about our graduate programs and the course requirements are available at

UA’s Computer Science Department offers various opportunities for research with our faculty members in areas including: Algorithms, AI/Robotics, Cloud, Scientific Software, Computer Science Education, Database/Big Data/Data Mining, Distributed Systems, HPC, HCI/UX, Networking, Physiological Computing, Programming Languages, Security, Social Media, and Software Engineering.

The graduate school at the University of Alabama requires applicants to have:

  1. at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA in undergraduate work
  2. at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA in graduate for those with an M.S degree
  3. a minimum GRE score of 300 (see graduate school website for current requirements)

The Computer Science Department expects our students to have taken 2 introductory programming courses, a data structures and algorithms course and 3 senior level courses, such as operating systems, networks, databases, etc.

For Fall, the application deadline is February 28 if you want to be considered for funding as well as admission. This means all of your application materials must be submitted to the graduate school by February 28 so your application is complete. Applicants do not have to apply separately for an assistantship as all students who are accepted into our program are considered for funding. Assistantships are awarded to the strongest applicants. We will continue to process applications after February 28.

More Helpful Links:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the graduate advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Carver.

For specific information about your situation, please follow the appropriate link below:

Information for Potential International Graduate Students

Note that we will continue to process applications after February 28, but international students must allow enough time to process visa paperwork, etc. if they are accepted into the program.

Information for Potential Graduate Students without a Computer Science Undergraduate Degree

Students without a degree in CS but who want to apply for an MS degree can take the following prerequisites as a non-degree graduate student: CS100, CS101, CS200, CS201, CS300, CS301. Once you have completed these courses, you can take our senior level courses, such as programming languages, algorithms, etc. at the 5xx level. At the end of the semester in which you are taking the 5xx courses you can apply to our MS program. The good thing about this is although the lower level courses will not count towards your MS degree in CS, the 5xx courses will. Our website ( has a list of courses required for our degrees. We offer most courses at least once a year.


The Department of Computer Science offers financial assistance to outstanding applicants in the form of teaching and research assistantships. A half-time teaching or research assistantship provides a competitive stipend and a full-tuition scholarship for the academic year. A student applying for graduate studies in the Department of Computer Science is automatically considered for a departmental assistantship during the review of the application materials. Funding decisions take into consideration multiple factors, including GRE scores. Given this, all applicants seeking financial support are strongly encouraged to submit GRE scores. Continuing students must complete the departmental assistantship application. Notices of continuing assistantship applications and deadlines are made by the Department during fall and spring semesters.

The Department awards teaching assistantships (GTA) on the basis of expected teaching ability. An individual faculty member, who has sponsored research funds at the professor’s disposal, awards research assistantships (GRA). A GRA appointment is made on the basis of mutual interests between student and professor. Only students who maintain an acceptable performance level are eligible for assistantships.