Past Colloquium Series

All talks will be held at 11:00 a.m. in SEC 3437 (unless otherwise noted). Light refreshments will be available in this room ten minutes before the talk.

2017-2018 Colloquium Talks

Spring Semester 2018

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Dingwen Tao Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
High Performance Computing at Extreme Scale: Data Reduction, Reilience, and Scalability
Dr. Hamid Hamraz Friday, Feb. 2, 2018
3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Computational Forest Modeling using Airborne Remote Sensing LiDAR
Dr. Calton Pu Friday, Feb. 9, 2018
2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
The Millibottleneck Theory of Millisecond-Scale Performance Bugs and Its Experimental Verification

2014-2015 Colloquium Talks

Spring Semester 2015

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Travis Atkison
Louisiana Tech University
Friday, January 9, 2015
2-3 p.m.
Research Overview of the Digital Forensics and Control System Security Lab at Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Jamie Macbeth
Clemson University (Postdoc), UCLA (Ph.D.)
Friday, January 16, 2015
1012 NERC
Crowdsourcing Deep Thoughts: Meeting the Challenges of In-depth Language Understanding Systems for Smarter Social Media
Tanmay Bhowmik
Mississippi State University
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Stakeholders’ Social Interaction in Requirements Engineering of Open-Source Software
Karim Elish
Virginia Tech
Thursday, February 12, 2015
2 – 3 p.m.
1014 SERC
Profiling User-Trigger Dependence for Android Security
Dr. Baishakhi Ray
University of California, Davis (Ph.D., UT-Austin)
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Leveraging Big Software Data to Improve Software Quality
Dr. David Shepherd
ABB Corporate Research
Friday, April 10, 2015 A Field Study on Fostering Structural Navigation with Prodet

2013-2014 Colloquium Talks

Fall Semester 2014

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Purushotham Bangalore
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Friday, October 10, 2014 Research Activities at the UAB Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research
Dr. David Dampier
Mississippi State University
Friday, November 14, 2014 at 2 p.m. The ForensicCloud: Handling the Growing Needs of Digital Evidence
Dr. Nan Boden
Friday, November 21, 2014 at 9 a.m. Warehouse-Scale Computing: Building Google’s Computer

Spring Semester 2014

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill
North Carolina State University
January 31 Helping Developers Find Useful Tools
Dr. Jeffrey Overbey
Auburn University
February 28 A Foundation for Refactoring C with Macros
Dr. Hans Vangheluwe
University of Antwerp
April 2 Promises and Challenges of Multi-Paradigm Modeling

2012-2013 Colloquium Talks

Fall Semester 2013

Speaker Date Topic
Elizabeth Williams August 30 Predictive, Adaptive User Interfaces
Matthew Hudnall September 4 Risks and Cost‐Saving Potential Associated with Migrating Legacy Systems to the Cloud
Beau Elliot September 6 Taxonomy of GIS-Based Law Enforcement Resource Deployment Algorithms
Wenlin Han September 9 Privacy Preserving for V2G Networks in a Smart Grid: A Survey
Dr. Allen Parrish
The University of Alabama
October 11 Research and Development at the Center for Advanced Public Safety
Dr. Nitesh Saxena
University of Alabama at Birmingham
October 25 Secure Pairing of Constrained Wireless Devices: Challenges and Pitfalls
Dr. Christian Bird
Microsoft Research
November 13 Empirical Investigations of Code Review at Microsoft and Beyond

Spring Semester 2013

Speaker Date Topic
Jeffrey Robinson
January 14 A Survey of Single Display Groupware
Gabriel Loewen
January 18 Cloud Computing in Educatione
Huseyin Ergin
January 23 Model Transformation Design Patterns
Jonathan Corley
January 25 Debugging Approaches for Model Transformatione
Eric McCary
January 28 Smart Grid Attacks and Countermeasures
Dr. Xiao Qin
Auburn University
February 6 Energy Efficient Data Storage Systems
Dr. Sebastian Elbaum
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
March 1 Program Analysis: On the Search for Faults and Programs
Dr. Peter Pirkelbauer
University of Alabama at Birmingham
March 18 Portable Non-Blocking Data Structures

Fall Semester 2012

Speaker Date Topic
Christopher Scott Corley August 27 Triaging Incoming Change Requests
Julius Jow August 29 Intrusion detection in smart grids
Amber Krug September 5 Programming by voice – extending initial programming environments for children with disabilities
Chengcui Zhang September 14 Multimedia Intelligence in Forensics and Security
Dr. Patrick Lam
University of Waterloo
October 19 Optimizing for Eager: Improving Software Transactional Memory through Reservations
Dr. Munawar Hafiz
Auburn University
November 9 Program Transformations to
Fix Integer Problems in C Programs

2011-2012 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2012

Speaker Date Topic
Zachary Smith January 20 Software Development Process Modeling and Simulation Design
Yuguang Zeng January 23 A Survey on Interaction Devices and Techniques for Large Displays
Dr. Lori Pollock
University of Delaware
February 10 Automatically Generating Summary Comments for Java Methods
Dr. Cindy Bethel
Mississippi State University
February 27 “Non-Facial and Non-Verbal Affective Expression for Appearance-Constrained Robots”
Dr. Yi Pan
Georgia State University
March 21 “From Supercomputing to Cluster Computing to Grid Computing to Cloud Computing ─ Challenges and Solutions”
Dr. Thomas Zimmermann
Microsoft Research
April 13 Empirical Software Engineering at Microsoft
Dr. Jeffrey Miller
University of Alaska Anchorage
April 27 Design of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) and Applications in Disconnected Environments

Fall Semester 2011

Speaker Date Topic
Brian Eddy August 29 Text retrieval based feature location
Lei Zeng August 31 A survey of operating system logging
Yuguang Zeng September 2 Interaction techniques for large displays
Dustin Heaton September 7 Software engineering for computational scientists: a systematic literature review
Bo Fu September 9 A survey of cross-layer designs in computer networks
Amiangshu Bosu September 12 Building trust and reputation in open source organizations
Songqing Yue September 14 Reflection and metaprogramming for high-performance computing
Dr. Nan Niu
Mississippi State University
October 5 Information Foraging as a Foundation for Code Navigation
Dr. Ashraf Saad
Armstrong Atlantic University
October 21 Biological and Computational Principles for Creating Self-Evolving Software
Dr. David Du
University of Minnesota
November 11 A New Era after the Convergence of Network Centric and Data Centric Computing
Allen Ray
SimplyHome, LLC
November 18 How Technology is Used to Solve Problems of Living Independently…A Practical Approach
Dr. Ragib Hasan
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
December 2 Cloud Computing: A Silver Lining, or Security Nightmare? An Overview of Key Research Problems in Cloud Security

2010-2011 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2011

Speaker Date Topic
Zhifeng Xiao
University of Alabama
January 14 Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing
Dawei Li
University of Alabama
January 19 Green Networking
Md. Ashfakul Islam
University of Alabama
January 21 Data Management in Cloud Environments
Hyun Cho
University of Alabama
January 24 Domain Engineering Product Lines
Lei Zhao
University of Alabama
January 26 Vehicle Networks
Kazi Zunnurhain
University of Alabama
January 28 Security in Cloud Computing
Dr. K. Michael Reynolds
University of Central Florida
February 7 The Evolution and Current State of the Florida Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval (FINDER) Information Sharing System
Dr. Yan Liu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
February 11 Model Driven Approaches to Managing Software Performance
Eugene Syriani
McGill University
February 25 Transformation Languages Tailored to Your Needs
Dr. John Anvik
University of Victoria
March 23 Assisting Bug Report Triage through Recommendation
Dr. Judy Qiu
Indiana University
April 15 Hybrid Cloud and Cluster Computing Paradigms For Scalable Data Intensive Applications

Fall Semester 2010

Speaker Date Topic
Xiannuan Liang
University of Alabama
August 23 Issues in Network Security
Debarshi Chatterji
University of Alabama
August 25 Empirical Software Engineering
Shameka Dawson
University of Alabama
August 27 Autonomous Robotics
Ferosh Jacob
University of Alabama
August 30 Software Modeling
Jingcheng Gao
University of Alabama
September 1 Network Communications in Smart Grids
Jing Liu
University of Alabama
September 3 Security and Privacy in Smart Grids
Aziz Nanthaamornphong
University of Alabama
September 8 Current issues in Software Engineering
Michael Galloway
University of Alabama
September 10 Cloud Computing
Karl Smith
University of Alabama
September 13 Grid Computing
Dr. Romain Delamare
University of Alabama
September 27 Automatic Analyses for Testing Aspect-Oriented Programs
Dr. E. Vincent Cross II
Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Laboratories
October 13 Human Robot Interactions Advanced Topics
Dr. Sudipto Ghosh
Colorado State University
November 15 Aspect-Oriented Refactoring of Legacy Applications: An Evaluation
Dr. Michael Golm
December 1 Use of Domain-Specific Languages for the Development and Configuration of Embedded Controllers

2009-2010 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2010

Speaker Date Topic
Zhonghai Deng
University of Alabama
January 20 Target Acquisition Systems
Xiannuan Liang
University of Alabama
January 22 Game Theory in Collaborations
Edward Dillon
University of Alabama
January 25 Computer Interfaces for Novice Programmers
Miao Peng
University of Alabama
January 27 Geometric Algorithms in Reference Structure
Jeremy Pate
University of Alabama
January 29 Issues in Software Engineering
Brandon Bonds
University of Alabama
February 1 Grammarware Engineering
Robert France
Colorado State University
February 24 Why Modeling is Essential to Software Engineering
Dr. Christopher Jules White
Vanderbilt University
February 26 Techniques and Tools for Managing Cyber-Physical System Complexity
Dr. Daniel von Dincklage
February 26 Improving Programmer Productivity Tools with Intended Semantics
Sergiu Dascalu
University of Nevada – Reno
March 2 Cyberinfrasctucture Developments for Nevada Climate Change Research
Lynne Parker
University of Tennessee
March 8 Generating Dynamic Multi-Robot coalitions for tightly-Coupled Tasks
Shiwen Mao
Auburn University
March 29 Video over Cognitive Radio Networks
Chunying (Emily) Zhao
The University of Texas at Dallas
March 31 Graph Transformation and Its Applications in Software Engineering
Dr. David Dampier
Director, National Forensics Training Center
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mississippi State University
April 14 A Progression of Models for Digital Forensics
Phil Bording
Alabama A&M University
April 19
José E. Rivera (Eduardo)
PhD Student – Department of Computer Science
University of Málaga
April 26 On the Behavioral Semantics of Real-Time Domain Specific Visual Languages

Fall Semester 2009

Speaker Date Topic
Yanping Zhang
University of Alabama
August 24 Security
Ke Meng
University of Alabama
August 26 Wireless Networks
Mohammad Hoque
University of Alabama
August 28 Wireless Networks
Edward Dillon
University of Alabama
August 31 HCI
Dr. Philip Rhodes
University of Mississippi
October 12 Spatial Data, Latency, Parallel Computing and Visualization
Dr. Victor Basili
University of Maryland
November 11 Using Measures and Risk Indicators for Early Insight Into Software Product Characteristics such as Software Safety
Dr. Mary Lou Soffa
University of Virginia
November 23
Dr. Brian Malloy
Clemson University
November 24

2008-2009 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2009

Speaker Date Topic
Bo Gu
University of Alabama
January 26 Mobility Modeling and Routing in Sparse Mobile Network
Dr. Juan Gilbert
Auburn University
January 30 Applications Quest: A Computational Solution to Affirmative Action in the 21st Century
Baoqiang Yan
University of Mississippi
February 11 IDEA Parallelization API — A Data Oriented Way to Parallelize Large Scale
Robert Tairas
University of Alabama – Birmingham
February 13 Maintaining Cloned Software
Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director
National Science Foundation
February 20 GENI – Global Environment for Network Innovations
Graylin Trevor Jay
University of Alabama
March 2 A Proposal in Statistical Computer Vision
Dr. Andrian Marcus
Wayne State University
March 6 Information Retrieval support for Concept Location in Software
Brajendra Panda
University of Arkansas
April 13 Database Damage Assessment and Recovery following an Information Attack

Fall Semester 2008

Speaker Date Topic
Dana Steil
University of Alabama
August 20 Patrol Routing using Hotspots and Citation Effectiveness
Peng Shao
University of Alabama
August 22 Tailoring Information Retrieval Techniques for Software Maintenance and Evolution
Kaveh Ghaboosi
University of OuLu
August 22 Medium Access Control in the Next Generation Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges & Open Issues
Nathan Wiegand
University of Alabama
August 25
Quinton Alexander
University of Alabama
August 27
Briana Lowe
University of Alabama
August 29
Dr. Fei Hu
University of Alabama
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
September 19 Secure Time Synchronization in Underwater Sensor Networks
Dr. Upkar Varshney
Georgia State University
October 3 Pervasive Healthcare and Wireless Monitoring
Travis Atkison
Mississippi State University
October 24 Applying Dimensionality Reduction Techniques to Attack the Malicious Software Detection Problem
Dr. Yixin Chen
University of Mississippi
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
October 31 Depth, Outlier Detection, and Ranking
Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director
National Science Foundation
Being Rescheduled The Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI)

2007-2008 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2008

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Jeff Ku February 15
Dr. Jeff Carver March 5 Empirical Software Engineering: Why and How do we Measure?

Fall Semester 2007

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Monica Anderson October 1
Mr. Andy Dalton, ABD October 15
Dr. Nicholas Kraft October 17
Dana Steil October 26
Dr. Susan Vrbsky October 29
Dr. Sudarshan Chawathe November 2 Planning and Monitoring Patrol Routes
Dr. Alex Zhang November 5
Dr. Xiaoyan Hong November 9
Dr. Gary McGraw November 12 Exploiting Online Games
Dr. Phillip Bradford November 19
Dr. Randy Smith November 23
Dr. Richard Borie November 26
Dr. Monica Anderson November 30

2006-2007 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2007

Speaker Date Topic
Jeff Carver
Mississippi State
January 26 Empirical Software Engineering – Why and How do we Measure?
Larry Bernstein
Stevens Institute
February 7 Trustworthy Software Systems
Byron Marshall
Oregon State University
February 23 Cross-jurisdictional Law Enforcement Data Sharing and Analysis
Nicholas Kraft
Clemson University
March 5 An Infrastructure to Support Interoperability in Reverse Engineering
Benjamin Fung
Simon Fraser University
March 6 Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
John Lusth
University of Arkansas
March 21 Research and Education Initiatives
James Du
North Dakota State Univ.
March 23 An Energy Efficient, Self-Healing Secure Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Fall Semester 2006

Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Yang Xiao September 22 Updated-based Cache Access and Replacement Policies
Dr. Susan Vrbsky October 2 Scheduling On-Demand Broadcast with Timing Constraints
Dr. Marcus Brown October 16 Computer User Authentication Based on Typing Style
Dr. John McGregor October 27 Software Product Lines
Dr. Shankar Swamy November 10 Computation Models for Emerging Multicore Systems

2005-2006 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2006

Speaker Date Topic
Wenye Wang
North Carolina State University
January 20, 2006 Towards Reliable and Resilient Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Dr. Yang Xiao
University of Memphis
February 10, 2006 QoS Provisioning at Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks
Dr. Matt Otey
Ohio State University
February 17, 2006 Approaches to Abnormality Detection with Constraints
Dr. Rafae Bhatti
Purdue University
February 20, 2006 Access Control Management In Information Systems Integration
Dr. Matt Miller
University of Illinois
February 22, 2006 Adaptive Energy-Saving for Multihop Wireless Networks
Dr. Yi Qian
University of Puerto Rico
February 24, 2006 Modeling Dynamic Behavior of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. Monica Lapoint
University of Minnesota
February 28, 2006 Heuristic-based Search in Unknown Indoor Environments Using Cooperative Robotic Teams
Dr. Jie Wu
Florida Atlantic University
March 16, 2006 Mobility in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Friend or Foe?

Fall Semester 2005

Speaker Date Topic
Wolfram Schulte
Microsoft Research
September 16, 2005 Spec# – Contracts in C#
Xiaoyan Hong
University of Alabama
October 7, 2005 Mobile Networking
Chengcui Zhang
The University of Alabama Birmingham
October 14, 2005 Unsupervised Learning-Based Spatio-Temporal Vehicle Tracking and Indexing for Transportation Multimedia Database Systems
John Lusth
The University of Arkansas
November 4, 2005 Simplicity Versus Simplexity in Language Design
Guangbin Fan
The University of Mississippi
November 18, 2005 Research in the Next Generation Mixed Wireless Networks
Andrew Kun
The University of New Hampshire
December 5, 2005
(Different time – 1:00 PM)
Project54 – Data Integration and Voice Controlled Systems

2004-2005 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Spring Semester 2005

Speaker Date Topic
Gary T. Leavens
Iowa State University
Friday, April 8 JML and its Unit Testing Tool
Leo M. Tilman
Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.
Thursday, March 24 The Convergence of Risk Management, Investment Strategy, and Corporate Finance
Yi Cui
The University of Illinois
Monday, March 14 Supporting Content Distribution Applications in Overlay Multicast
Deborah Duong
Object Sciences Corporation
Friday, March 11 Symbolic Interactionist Modeling
Marjan Mernik
The University of Maribor
Monday, March 7 Automatic generation of language-based tools and Grammar-based Systems
Ben Tyler
The Ohio State University
Friday, February 25 Specifying and Monitoring Design Pattern Contracts
Jeff Gray
The University of Alabama Birmingham
Friday, February 18 Transformations across Multiple Software Artifacts

Fall Semester 2004

Speaker Date Topic
Subhash C. Nandy
Indian Statistical Institute
Monday, December 6 Recognition of Minimum Width Color-spanning Corridor and Minimum Area Color-spanning Rectangle
Philip Bohannon
Bell Laboratories
Lucent Technologies
Monday, November 22 ROLEX: A System for Tightly-Integrated XML Publishing
Nageswara S. Rao
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Friday, November 19 Dynamics of Internet Transport Protocols
Wenke Lee
Georgia Institute of Technology
Friday, November 12 Architectural Considerations for Anomaly Detection
Li Gao
The University of Alabama
Wednesday, November 3 On Scheduling Mesh Structured Computation on Unreliable Computers on the Internet
Stephen V. Rice
The University of Mississippi
Friday, October 1 The Comparisonics Technologies for Audio Comparison, Search, Display, and Monitoring

2003-2004 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Speaker Date Topic
Prof. Grzegorz Malewicz
University of Alabama
Wednesday, September 3 Establishing Wireless Conference Calls Under Delay Constraints
Prof. David Mount
University of Maryland
Monday, September 22 Approximation Algorithms for Clustering
Prof. Xiaoyan Hong
University of Alabama
Monday, October 6 ANODR: ANonymous On Demand Routing with Untraceable Routes for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Dr. Gary McGraw, CTO
Cigital, Inc.
Monday, October 27 Building Secure Software: Why the standard approach to security doesn’t work
Prof. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh
Binghamton University
Monday, November 10 Active Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Prof. Nenad Jukic
Loyola University Chicago
Monday, November 17 Comprehensive Data Warehouse Exploration: Extending the Scope of Association-Rule Mining
Jiageng Li (PhD Candidate)
University of Alabama
Wednesday, December 3 Integrated Authorization for Grid System Environments
Danyang Zhang
University of Alabama
Friday, January 16 Subgroup-based Local Recovery for Reliable Multicasting
Wan Huang (PhD Candidate)
University of Alabama
Friday, January 30 Intelligent Trust Evaluation and Self-Organizing Multi-Agent Community
Prof. Gregg Rothermel
Oregon State University
Friday, February 6 Software Testing: An Evolution-Centric Perspective
Prof. Joel Jones
University of Alabama
Monday, February 16 Automatic Auditing of Design Principle Adherence
Prof. Riccardo Bettati
Texas A&M University
Monday, March 8 Watch your Timing! A Biased View on Security in the Post-Encryption Era
Prof. Paul Purdom
Indiana University
Friday, March 12 Algorithms for the Frequent Item Set Problem
Prof. Murali Sitaraman
Clemson University
Friday, April 9 Contract Checking – Modular Alternatives to Testing
Prof. Yuanyuan Yang
SUNY, Stony Brook
Wednesday, April 14 Recent Development in Multicast Switching Networks

2002-2003 Colloquium Talks (top of page)

Speaker Date Topic
Don Yessick
University of Alabama
September 13 Reinventing the Wheel-Or Not Yet Another Compiler Compiler Compiler
Yahya Mirza
Aurora Borealis Software
October 11 Rotor Internals and the CLI
Dr. Linda Rising
Private Consultant
October 23 Patterns and Scrum
Dr. Stephan Olariu
Old Dominion University
October 30 Self-organizing Sensor Networks
Dr. William Harrison
Oregon Graduate Institute
November 22 Slaying the “Dragon”: Prospects for Modular Compiler Construction
Jonathan Zweig
Nortel Networks
February 14 An Irrevent Insider’s Look at the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Standards Process
Dr. Chuck Hansen
University of Utah
February 21 Leveraging PC Graphics Cards for Advanced Visualization
Xiaoyan Hong February 26 Scalable Ad Hoc Routing in Large Wireless Networks Using Dynamic Landmarks
Jeffrey Carver
University of Maryland
March 7 Impact of Background and Experience on Software Inspections
Dr. Thomas Cormen
Dartmouth University
March 14 Parallel Out-of-core Sorting: The Third Way
Ju Wang
University of Florida
March 19th Supporting Multimedia Traffic with CDMS Wireless Networks
Dr. Victoria Ungureanu
March 21 Regulating E-Commerce through Certified Contracts
Dr. Biswanath Mukherjee
University of California Davis
March 24 R&D Priorities and Challenges for Optical Networking
Chung-Hsing Hsu March 31 Compiler-Directed Dynamic Voltage Scheduling for CPU Power and Energy Reduction
Dr. Michiel Smid
Carleton University
April 25 Approximating geometric bottleneck shortest paths