Software Engineering

To meet growing demand for skilled, creative technology workers, the Department of Computer Science offers an option to concentrate in software engineering.

Technology is a key driver of economic growth around the world, and software is critical to technological innovation. The demand for high-quality software engineers is growing rapidly and that demand should continue. “Software Engineer” is consistently listed as one of the top jobs in various surveys. Consequently, software engineers are well-compensated. Software engineers are involved in all aspects of software product development. Careers in software engineering offer exciting, team-oriented work environments with ample opportunities for creativity.

The software engineering track is a concentration of 12 semester hours of specialized coursework. Students will gain more in-depth knowledge about human computer interaction, software design, project management, verification and validation, maintenance, evolution and web-based systems. By taking advantage of the electives already built-in to the curriculum, the concentration can be completed without increasing the hours needed for the degree.
Software engineering electives include CS 407 Software Interface Design, CS 415 Software Design and Development, CS 416 Testing and Quality Assurance, CS 417 Requirements Engineering, CS 420 Software Maintenance and Evolution, CS 428 Computer Security, CS 491 (when the course is related to software engineering – check with the department to confirm) and CS 492 Independent Study (with prior approval from one of the Software Engineering faculty members.)

Courses that count towards the Software Engineering Concentration
Fall 2019
  • CS 428 – Computer Security
  • CS 445 – Software Reverse Engineering
Spring 2019
  • CS 491 – 001 – Information Retrieval
  • CS 491 – 004 – High Performance Computing
Fall 2018
  • CS 407 – Software Interface Design
  • CS 428 – Computer Security
Spring 2018
  • CS 491 – 001 – Software Security
Fall 2017
  • CS 416 — Software Testing
  • CS 428 — Computer Security
  • CS 491-001 — Information Retrieval
Spring 2017
  • CS 491 – Reverse Engineering
  • CS 491 – Clouds
Fall 2016
  • CS 407 – Software Interface Design
  • CS 428 – Computer Security
Spring 2016
  • CS 491 – 001 – Software Security
Fall 2015
  • CS 428 – Computer Security
Spring 2015
  • CS 416 – Testing and Quality Assurance

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For additional questions about the software engineering concentration, contact Dr. Jeffrey Carver.