In addition to the standard Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, the department offers a concentration in Cyber Security. This concentration will give students a deeper understanding of Cyber Security, a sub-discipline of Computer Science. This concentration requires 9 hours of Cyber Security classes, chosen from the list below. Students who successfully complete this concentration will have the designation indicated on their transcripts.

Select 9 hours (3 courses) from the list below: Hours
CS 347 Cyber Law & Security 3
CS 428 Computer Security 3
CS 438 Computer Comm & Networks 3
CS 442 Cryptography 3
CS 443 Digital Forensics 3
CS 444 Software Security 3
CS 445 Software Reverse Engineering 3
CS 448 Network Security 3

Accelerated Masters Program (AMP) students can take these courses at either the 4xx or 5xx level.

The coursework required for the Cyber Security Concentration is the same as what is shown above for the Computer Science degree.

This concentration does not require the student to take more than the 120 hours required for the B.S. in Computer Science degree, since the required nine course hours replace nine hours of CS electives in the B.S. in Computer Science curriculum.

For additional questions about the software engineering concentration, contact Dr. Travis Atkison.